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Sami Chohfi

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Lead singer and songwriter of Blue, Sami Chohfi spent most of his life pursuing his one true passion for music.

Self-taught musician, Sami plays a vast range of instruments from guitar and drums to didgeridoo. At the age of

22, he built his own recording studio by working relentlessly as a waiter. In 2008, he formed his alternative rock band Blue Helix, polishing his 90’s roots with cutting edge modern and melodic rock and mastering his abilities as guitarist and songwriter.

In 2013, he concluded his vocal training with Seattle’s finest Susan Carr and became the Blue Helix frontman.
In 2014, he achieved yet another milestone by releasing Blue Helix’s third album, Tale of Two Halves (featuring Scott Mercado – Candlebox/Lotus Crush), produced and recorded over the course of 3 years in his own studio.

Sami is known for his high-energy live performances, indulging his audience with genuine passion and true showmanship.