Blue Helix is an independent Alternative Rock band based out of Washington State / Sao Paulo and formed in 2008.

Following the hallowed footsteps of the 90’s movement, their music is a perfect blend of melodic rock and powerful heavy grunge, on the cutting edge of modern rock with a uniquely potent blend of the core genre and its many sub-genres.

Blue Helix has won multiple video awards for their release of Aliens and were the winners of the 2015 Puget Sound Battle of the Bands.

Upon the release of their newest album Anti-Social Butterfly, Blue Helix is planning an early 2018 tour to Brazil.

Thriving on the energies and individual personalities of each member, Blue Helix reigns as a tribute both to its members’ lives and to their vision.

Blue Helix is:

Sami Chohfi (Guitar/Vocals)

Brandon Wolf Gebhardt(Bass)

Arman Birang (Lead Guitar)

Marco Bicca (Drums)