Official World Premiere of “Anodyne”on TMDQA

Blue Helix revitaliza sonoridade dos Anos 90 no clipe de “Anodyne”

We are proud to have the support of Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos in Brazil. They launched our Nolstagic all VHS recorded music video for “Anodyne” today. ┬áThis video is a true blast to the past!

The Video was filmed during our recent tour to Brazil with Director Arturo Querzoli. The footage was all captured with analog VHS cassette recorders. Here is a link to the Video Premiere by TMDQA.

“Anodyne” is a heart pounding nostalgic journey to the 90’s that will remind you of special memories, like the first time you fell in love, your favorite high school pep rally, the first time you got too drunk with your friends, your first kiss and even dinner at grandma’s where all your cousins would randomly show up. The videos sole purpose is to remind us of the little things in life we sometimes take for granted.

Click here for Music Video