Anti-Social Butterfly Release and Latest News

Hello Everybody!

We are so very pleased to present to you our new album “Anti-Social Butterfly“.

However, that’s not all the good news, we are releasing the Music Video for the title track single the same night, yes the same night you get to experience the best part of all our hard work for the last two years. The Release Party at all ages venue Louie G’s in Fife,WA.

Joining us on this wonderful night will be three amazing Seattle bands; Lust Punch, Prelude to a Pistol and Gypsy Temple.

More great news, Blue Helix will be setting off on our first tour ever!  March of 2018. Guess where?

Yes, you guessed it. Marco and Sami are going home, and we suppose we are gonna have to drag Arman and Wolf along with us 😉

Brazil here we come. What better way to start off our journey together then to tour the most beautiful country in the world. This will be our first ever tour, and we could not be more grateful.

After our Release Party on December 2nd, at Louie G’s we are heading to Spokane, Washington to perform live and unplugged on the air for Fox News 28.

That same day we are headed to The Roxie. This will be our first time as a band performing on television, so we could not be more excited!
We have our Merch store all set up and ready for you to get your favorite BH swag at
Hope to see you guys at a show!

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