The moment that Blue Helix was asked to open for John 5 on the first show of his US Tour “Season of the Witch” was by far one of the most joyous moments of my career. When I was a kid I used to crank up John 5’s music and play so loud that my mom would scream from the kitchen “turn that S*** down!” Of course, I turned it down just to end up turning it back up 3 minutes later. They say don’t meet your idols because it may disappoint you. Meeting J5 was far from that. He was kind, genuine and gracious. I brought my Black Fender Jaguar to have him sign as a momento of our night on stage together.

Some moments in life you remember always. This night with J5 was not only incredible because of the energy from the Sold Out crowd, but to have someone you look up to acknowledge you for what you love doing is priceless.