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I'm very happy i get to finally share the best part of my travels to Africa with you. This video was recorded on my Samsung Note 4 believe it or not(my other video was too). In this video i am performing live to the Maasai people of Kenya, Africa.
They were such majestic and kind people. For them to invite us in to their village and to allow me the pleasure of performing for them was truly special. An experience i will never forget. In this video I'm also at the caves and canyons of Hell's Gate. I wanted to hear what it sounded like to play in the canyons so i started playing the song "Masters of War' and by the end of the performance I attracted an audience of locals. I am very happy to be able to share these moments with all of you. I wish you all love always
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04/15/15  ·  

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We received very exciting news tonight! BLUE HELIX will be played on 95.3 KPND !!! They have agreed to play our songs "Aliens", and "Carry Me" on the station on New Music Mondays. It will air in the cities of Spokane and Couer D' Alene in Washington State, as well as the cities of Sandpoint and Bonners in Idaho. This is an FM radio station, and they are one of the few independent radio stations with a live DJ left in the U.S.

Now is the time if anyone wants to help Our music get regular rotation (meaning get played enough times to get stuck in peoples heads) to call in on Mondays and request to hear one of our songs. The request line number is (208)263-0953.

We really do appreciate your support in this. Remember "Aliens", and "Carry Me" are the songs they agreed to play(but for you die hard fans request what you love the most :)

Love to you all.....Thank you Greg and Stephanie!
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04/10/15  ·  

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